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Call for Consultancy Proposals – Impact Evaluation: We Effect’s Intervention in Niassa and the Effectiveness of Development Cooperation Support


Call for Consultancy Proposals

Impact Evaluation: We Effect’s Intervention in Niassa and the Effectiveness of Development Cooperation Support

We Effect, former Swedish Cooperative Centre, is a Swedish development organisation founded in 1958 by the Swedish cooperative movement, whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of member based democratic organisations to enable women and men in poverty to improve their living conditions, defend their rights, and contribute to a just society. In Mozambique, We Effect has offices in Maputo and Lichinga, Niassa.

We Effect is currently procuring a consultancy service for an impact evaluation of its intervention in the Niassa province.

The overall purpose of the evaluation is to assess the impact of We Effect’s intervention and long-term presence in the Niassa Province and identify and analyse good practices and lessons learned in the collaboration between We Effect, partners and donors.

Specific objectives are to identify, and illustrate with evidence, the impacts and lessons drawn from We Effect intervention in the Niassa Province and to suggest changes that will increase the probability of We Effect’s intervention in Niassa contributing to achievement of the expected outcomes and impact in as stated in the We Effect regional and global strategy. The evaluation should further explore the relevance between the activities and the programme results of the ARENA programme.

The consultants’ qualifications should include extensive experience in evaluating programmes in international development cooperation in the relevant areas, well documented knowledge of civil society development in Mozambique and a relevant academic background in social, economic and/or development. Consultants’ should further have an extensive and relevant professional experience in development cooperation in the areas of agriculture, rural development, natural resource management and/or civil society development. Other desirable competences important are gender balance in the consultancy team (if applicable), knowledge of local languages (Jaua, Macua, Nhanja), experience of working in Niassa province and fluency in written and spoken English and Portuguese.

A technical and financial proposal complying with the terms of reference should be submitted at the latest on the 17th of July, 2017, at 17.00, by e-mail to the following address: Detailed terms of reference will be shared prior to submission of technical and financial proposal with interested consultants upon request through the above mentioned e-mail.

Maputo, 4 July 2017

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O AGIR – Acções para Uma Governação Inclusiva e Responsável, é um programa de apoio e capacitação das Organizações da Sociedade Civil (OSC´s) Moçambicanas, cuja primeira fase de implementação decorreu de 2010 a 2014. Desde Janeiro de 2015 até Dezembro de 2020 decorre a segunda fase, com a duração de seis anos, tendo a Embaixada da Suécia como seu principal financiador, com apoio suplementar das Embaixadas da Dinamarca e Países Baixos.

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