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Anúncio de Consultoria – Terra para mulheres

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Tema: Terra para mulheres
Objectivo do estudo resumido: Fazer um resumo das leis e abordagens ligados ao terra existentes em Moçambique, Zâmbia, Zimbabwe e Malawi
Tipo de estudo: Desk Study
Língua: Inglês
Data para submeter a proposta técnica e financeira: Até dia 8 de Julho

Terms of reference

Study on women’s land rights and security of land in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Date: 3 July 2019

We Effect, an International NGO is seeking the services of a consultant to carry out study on women’s land rights and security of land in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The findings and recommendations will be used as key reference material in the We Effect Regional advocacy campaign on greater gender equality.
The consultant is expected to:
a) Provide an overview of the policy and legislative frameworks in existence in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe and their provisions addressing land rights for women.
b) Provide an overview of the main land tenure systems in existence in the four countries and their main distinguishing features such as the level of tenure security and other entitlements for women that are generally associated with each.
c) Based on available data/ information in reports from studies, research and statistical agencies, present the percentage of female farmers with the same rights as men in terms of ownership and control of land in the four countries.
d) Identify best practice of approaches towards more secure tenure arrangements for women.
e) Suggest key requirements/mechanisms which will ensure land administration systems are protecting women’s land rights.
f) Provide an overall conclusion of the study and its key recommendations.

Interested parties (consultants) are invited to make proposals on the methodology for the study. However, the methodology applied should include the following activities:

Desk study
a) Relevant literature, reports and documentation analysing land rights for women in the four countries.
b) Land policies and relevant legislation governing land administration in the four countries.
c) Any other relevant material.

Skype interviews with representatives of:
• We Effect Partner Organisations and other relevant organisations in the four countries

Deliverables and timelines
(a) The study is expected to commence on 15th July, 2019 with an inception report being presented on the same date.
(b) A preliminary report in accordance with an agreed structure by 31st July, 2019.
(c) A final report incorporating We Effect’s comments by 9th August 2019.

Profile of the consultant
The consultant shall have:
• Documented vast experience of analytical work related to land tenure, land policies and land administration.
• Good understanding about gender issues related to land use, control and ownership of land.
• Sound knowledge of the historical, cultural, political and the socio-economic context of the land situation in the countries within the scope for this study.
• Knowledge about past and current research work in the field and about the key actors engaged in the land policy processes at country, regional and global levels.
• Knowledge of Portuguese is an added value.

Prospective consultants should submit a technical and financial proposal for the assignment.
The technical proposal should outline the consultants’ understanding of the assignment, approach/ methodology that will be adopted, a time plan, a detailed CV outlining relevant knowledge and understanding in undertaking the assignment and a financial proposal
Interested parties can request for the detailed terms of reference from
The expression of interest, technical and financial proposal should be sent to with copy to no later than 8th July 2019.

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